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An Empress is graceful. An Empress is a partner. But most importantly, an Empress is human... Its a new day in the Empire. With Tyrus on the throne and Nemesis at his side, they want to find a new way forward - one where they dont have to hide or scheme or kill. But having power isnt the same thing as keeping it, and change isnt always welcome. The ruling class are not going to give up their power willingly, especially not to a teenage Emperor and his killing machine Empress. With threats at every turn, Nemesis must prove her humanity to those who doubt her or she and Tyrus could lose more than just the throne... they might lose their lives.



ISBN 9781471169144
AUTEUR S-J Kincaid
FICHIER The Empress.pdf
DATE 06/03/2020

Lofts at the Empress. Working with local contractors, we have gathered a handful of “Rough Order of Cost” (ROM) to help us determine how much it is going to ... Ranked among the best cruises to smaller ports Empress of the Seas provides the ultimate getaway to small distinct destinations with picture-perfect scenery ...