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Resilience and Urban Risk Management presents the latest progress made in designing resilient towns, and identifies leads to be explored For attaining the objective of systematically integrating risks into the built environment. The aim of the book is to provide guidance in designing and planning future cities, and to create a new form of risk management from the resilience concept that does not ignore what already exists. allowing the integration of urban development and risk management. Resilience and Urban Risk Management is of interest to academics, architects. town planners and engineers concerned with the relationship between urban projects and the various aspects of the urban resilience concept via concrete applications and methodological or historical reflections.



ISBN 9780415621472
AUTEUR Damien Serre
FICHIER Resilience and Urban Risk Management.pdf
DATE 04/06/2020

Urban and community risk management. The increasing impacts of disaster and climate risks pose significant challenges to communities, both in urban and rural areas, in their efforts to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development. Whilst efforts to mainstream disaster and climate risks into urban and community development plans have become more widespread, investments in both financial