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Camera trapping is a powerful and widely used tool in scientific research on wildlife ecology and management. It provides a unique opportunity for documenting the presence of animals, estimating species abundance and density, investigating ecology, or recording and studying behaviour. Its visual nature makes it easy to successfully convey findings to a wide audience. This book provides a much-needed guide to the use of camera trapping for the most common ecological applications to wildlife research. Each phase involved in the use of camera trapping is covered : Defining the sampling design : presence/absence, species inventory, occupancy at species level, community-level analysis, capture-recapture for density estimation, behavioural studies



ISBN 9781784270483
AUTEUR Francesco Rovero
FICHIER Camera Trapping for Wildlife Research.pdf
DATE 05/05/2020

research the best way to use motion detection cameras to survey wildlife. Gillespie, G. R. ... 10.3 Storage and transport of camera traps and bait stations . inferential sampling studies using camera traps allow estimations of occupancy ... become an important tool for quantitative wildlife research (O'Connell et al., in.